Remix Competition

Myth Of Unity, Bizniz, Tank, Damskibass, Crazy Boy, Def Stereo, Akari Ilako, Sdurri, Oxgaz - Pon De Track (The Remixes)***OUT TODAY !!!!!***

The Pon De Track remix Album consists of one incredible Club Dubstep (Original) masterpiece by Myth Of Unity and 8 super hot Remixes of varying degree’s of Dubstep. From flat out in your face audio assault style, right through to Chill Step and everything in between. If you are a connoisseur of Dubstep, this release is an absolute must have. The release is the culmination of the Sub Generation Records Remix competition.

(Several of the remixes are now up on our Youtube channel)


*Please note some of the stores have put tracks into genres that are NOT the genres that we specified for them to be put in, Quite why Beatport have put half of these tracks into Drum & Bass…Is beyond me :-( sadly there’s naff all we can do about it ).

Beatport Individual Track Links are as follows (comes in handy for Facebook promotion)

PON DE TRACK- Bizniz Remix

PON DE TRACK- Original Mix

PON DE TRACK – Tank Remix

PON DE TRACK – Damskibass Remix

PON DE TRACK – Crazy Boy Remix

PON DE TRACK – Def Stereo Remix

PON DE TRACKAkari –  Ilako Remix

PON DE TRACK – Sdurri Remix

PON DE TRACK – Oxgaz Remix

Bizniz Remix

Tank Remix

Def Stereo Remix

Original Mix



Terms and Conditions:

1. The stem packs are free of charge and no payment is required. All audio files and stem packs remain the property of Sub Generation Records & M.O.U and must not be reproduced, repurposed or distributed in any way other than for the purposes of the remix competition.

2. You are free to remix the track in any genre or style according to your taste.

3. To officially enter the competition you must submit your remix as a 16bit 44.1khz WAV File to the Soundcloud dropbox located on this page PLEASE ENSURE YOU ADD YOUR ARTIST NAME TO THE TITLE

4. The start date for this competition is 1st August 2012.

5. The closing date for this competition is 1st October  2012.

6. There will be 10 winning remixes, which will be chosen by a Sub Generation Records Panel

7. Prizes for the 10 finalists will be their remix included on a digital EP released on Sub Generation, and will also collect a 30 per cent share on any royalty’s received by Sub Generation Records through digial sales.

**each of the 10 winning remixers will be sent a contract to this effect **

8. Sub Generation Records MAY invite one or more artists to become part of the EML Recordings family. by being signed up to the Sub Generation Records label as an official artist off the back of their remix

9. Remixes received using un-cleared samples from sources outside the supplies remix parts will be disqualified.

10. All trademarks and logos are protected. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record, remix or remix parts is prohibited.

11. By submitting a remix to this competition , you will automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

12. We reserve the right to add to or ammend these terms and conditions at any time without prior written notice.