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Rebeka France is a singer/songwriter/producer from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

She realised from an early age that music was her passion and the only thing she wanted to do.

She grew up surrounded by music thanks to her father who had a vast
collection including everyone from The Rolling Stones to Stevie Wonder to Soft Cell and so on.

This gave her an understanding of soul music, electronic, blues and rock and enabled her to appreciate different genres and tastes.

She continued taking music in and listened to bands like U2, The Pet Shop Boys, and singers like Madonna, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson.

She then got her first keyboard at the age of 8 and began writing songs and trying to understand
the logic behind it. She fell in love with rave music around the age of 11, and suddenly started
hearing tracks by The Prodigy, Bizarre Inc, SL2, and Altern 8. High school brought her attention to swing, rap, and ragga were she started listening to everyone from Patra to Buju Banton to LL Cool J, and what would become her favourite style of music Jungle.

On hearing the Shy FX track Original Nuttah something inside her changed.

The feeling that jungle gave her never left her side and she progressed into Drum and Bass and was inspired by people including Grooverider and Fabio, Nicky Blackmarket, Hype, DJ SS, Mickey Finn and LTJ Bukem who she saw at nights like NY Sushi in Sheffield and World Dance in London.

She eventually enrolled on a music technology course in Huddersfield and began using cubase in 2002.
Here she met Psylense and they began to make music from scratch. She performed at the Timeless festival in Huddersfield with a local Hip Hop outfit, appeared on a cd of local artists and sang with a covers band who supported The Shirehorses. She then progressed onto the Leeds College of Music with Psylense.

The duo began creating music in HD1 studios on a regular basis using samples, midi and live instruments. Rebeka then began to understand the writing process but also loved producing and cubase was replaced with Pro Tools and Ableton.

The two friends set up a myspace page where local DJ and producer Supadark picked up on what they were doing and they then collaborated on some future Drum and Bass projects set for release in 2011/2012 including Supadark featuring Rebeka France and Can’t Wait which has had various remixes made including Dubstep, Electro and UK Funky. The LR Groove Funky House remix has had airplay on both Kiss Fm London and BBC – Radio 1xtra and this is only the beginning. Along with the Can’t Wait music video which Rebeka has played a major part in 2012 looks set to be a very interesting year for Rebeka France.

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Release Date :  27/10/2012
This is the perfect marriage of 2 contrasting styles of vocality.On the one hand we have the powerful deep soufull voice that is Rebeka France, combined with the Grime / Rap style of Sticky Bud, joining forces with the unstpable brilliance that is Psylence in the production chair then you have the makings for something truly epic.A fantastic Drum N Bass roller, full of ambience, rawness and down right dirty sultryness.


Insolence - SerenityInsolence (Feat Rebeka France) – Serenity

Release Date 15th October 2012

A classic Drum N Bass atmospheric roller is the order of the day with this release.
The A side features the powerful vocals of Rebeka France, adding a complex and pitch perfect extra dimension to proceedings, with the instrumental dub mix making up the flip side.
Radio and club ready it’s another must have for the serious D&B connoisseur.