Psonic Bionic

About the Artist

Wreckless Music is the nexus point for the music library of Randy Colby. It includes content for various projects and styles including Colby, Klick, Wreckless Abandon, Psonic Bionic, and Citizen Abstract. ‘Colby’ is the newest moniker for dance/club oriented releases. Klick is my side project with Bryan Scott. Wreckless Abandon is electronic based rock and pop, with a bit of industrial thrown in. (Think Depeche Mode meets Rob Zombie.) Citizen Abstract is IDM, glitch, experimental head music to make you think and is a bit more random and ADD

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Psonic Bionic - Attack of the Bass Drones

Psonic Bionic  – Attack Of The Bass Drones

Release Date : 12/11/2012

Introducing the huge talent that is Psonic Bionic, a release that will play with your brains.


Psonic Bionic  also has a track available on the following releases

Dark Matter EP – Release Date 19/12/2012

8bitrage, Timeloop, AntonSzander, Psonic Bionic, Psylense, Jam Master Jim - Dark Matter EPDark and engaging Dubstep for the real Connoisseur. Featuring 6 tracks created solely for this release, if your planning to DJ over the festive season and you are looking for the perfectly mastered, perfectly produced and executed set of raw,passionate, brilliantly produced tracks to spin, then this is the release for you. 6 extremely powerful tracks that will tear up any dance floor, play it loud, play it often and play it with pride.