MiXed Transition

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MiXed Transition is still an Intermediate producer with about a year of experience.
He always pushes himself hard to produce kick ass music like no other!
With the experience of playing the guitar for 6 years he knows how too arrange a track and a melody!
Not owning the experience like some others doesn’t phase him! There’s still a lot too learn but that’s all part of the journey.

Please take your time too have a listen to my tunes and enjoy! Cheers

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Mixed Transiton - Powers WithinMixed Transiton  – Powers Within
Release Date : 15/10/2012

MiXed Transition is back. Perfection is never far away with a Mixed Transition number and this is no exception. Another world class production and a modern one too.


MiXed Transition - Climatic DreamsMiXed Transition – Climatic Dreams

Release Date: 07/04/2012

Dark, Twisted, and of the Nintendo (TM) ilk, a release that is right up there at the forefront of the modern day take on Drum & Bass, as it truly goes global as a genre.
Full of twists & turns, this is a unique, fun filled and fuel filled set of rollers.
Oriental influences, and some majorly funky synth stabs, combine with dark sub riffs and delivers a hard hitting, high impact double roller epic.
Solid throughout, and one not to miss out on.