Myth Of Unity


Artist Bio

M.O.U – Myth of Unity.
A Live Act based in the North of UK.

M.O.U ReCreated in early 2011 and are now pushing foward a new sound. Kel (Vocalist) and joint front man MR Rebz (Vocalist) with Cal Melville (DJ / Producer) are moving from strength to strength. And have played alongside the likes of Labrinth, DJ Fresh and Redlight to name but a few. The latest project has been there ”All Or Nothing” album which consits of their 10 brand new tracks.

M.O.U’s  first Ep released created an impact in the underground drum and bass scene and various gigs in the UK leading to a performance at Glastonbury 2008. Shortly after this festival channel 4’s Orange unsigned. Described as a recreation of a dj set using live instruments, the band have accumulated a substantial underground fan base and have a large following in the UK.

Callum Melville joined as the new synth player. In early 2009 the band then decided to cut down to the bare essentials and concentrate on creating a cleaner, more commercial sound. The members have now been cut down to 3, Vocalists Kellian and Rebz providing professional and inventive input on the album, with DJ and producer Cal creating the music.

The band has been described as a breath of fresh air to the music circuit and an essential for any show, festival or live performance.



Myth Of Unity, Bizniz, Tank, Damskibass, Crazy Boy, Def Stereo, Akari Ilako, Sdurri, Oxgaz - Pon De Track (The Remixes)Myth Of Unity – Pon De Track (The Remixes) 

Release Date : 8th April

2013The Pon De Track remix Album consists of one incredible Club Dubstep (Original) masterpiece by Myth Of Unity and 8 super hot Remixes of varying degree’s of Dubstep. From flat out in your face audio assault style, right through to Chill Step and everything in between. If you are a connoisseur of Dubstep, this release is an absolute must have.


M.O.U (Myth of Unity) - OMGMyth Of Unity – OMG – Release Date : 02/11/2012
Myth Of Unity are fast rising to fame. This mini EP release captivates all that is hot about modern day commercial club music. This is the pinnacle of excellence, pure heaven. A release that has been engineered to perfection, full of hard bass licks, intelligent synth stabs, vocally inspiring these guys are a shining example of a group who are following the dream and boy god we are going to help them get there.