Joanna Betts



I grew up in a small village in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

I have a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art.My work reflected a fascination with Art and Music, the two loves of my life.
I would create visual music.
My earliest memory of writing lyrics is at the age of 11.
I have been writing ever since.
Songwriting is where my heart lies and a goal I will never give up on.

I am currently at the start of a very exciting song writing career. I write pop/R&B songs from various experiences.

I have collaborated with top producers including Preetesh Raja, Cantina House and Gordon Lorenz.

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Electromagnetic Impulses, Sidereal - Frozen Skies (feat. Joanna Betts) [Electromagnetic Impulses Vocal Edit]Sidereal | Frozen Skies (Electromagnetic Vocal Edit) -( Feat Joanna Betts)
Release Date : 22nd April 2013
This is the Drum And Bass summer anthem of 2013. A track of galactic proportions that takes the original intricate D N B Roller from Sidereal, the vocals from Joanna Betts massively popular ‘holiday Love’ single , edited and arranged by Electromagnetic Impulses and the result is ideal the marriage of a genius producer, one of the UK’s most fabulous vocalists and a remixer. With support from just about every connected unit to Sub Generation Records we’re going all out to get this into the chart