EML Recordings artist imageGenre: hybrid dubstep / future jungle

About the Artisthey up, thanks for taking the time to view my profile!

my name is Galvatron. im a hybrid dubstep, future jungle and breaks dj and producer but started out as a hip hop turntablist then got into dance music through late 90′s techno and my tastes developed from there.

i am the founding member of the dubstepticons and was created by an unknown force to distroy and rebuild music as you know it here on earth.
it gave me skillz as a dj with over 14 years experience and taught me how to produce sounds that could audibly rape an army of autobots in a spilt second.

i have already infiltrated certain clubs with resident spots such as future formation at circus in huddersfield where i get to hypnotize crowds with some of the biggest names in the drum n bass and dubstep scene in my quest for global domination.

i also run my own night called SUB:CULT where me and my army strive to bring the most original and underground sounds from reggae to dubstep to jungle. after reaching our first birthday we will be looking to start the sub:cult tour coming to the free partys, festivals and venues near you!!!!!!

im also 1 of only 2 old skool hip hop resident djs at beats and pieces, huddersfields best and longest surviving hip hop night.


Galvatron - Midnight AssassinGalvatron – Midnight Assassin

Release Date: 08/23/2012

Pure Dubstep Delight.

This releases captures the raw sawtooth landscape that is modern day Dubstep.

Straight from the underground and hammered into your ear drums, this is a must have for the serious stepper of Dub, and capsulates what this label is all about. Sub heavy, and full of power it’s one you’ll spin time and time again.