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Electronic Music Flavour!
Start his carrer DJing D’nB on clubs around Brazil, with only 14 years, now with 24 years, after finish his technical course, Audio and Acoustic on IAV (2011-SP) the producer and Dj from Sao Paulo’s North-Side has Starting one new music project called OOFCY (he and Cy) and his DJ Set is based on E Music (128 up to 175 BPM), that way Foo can say for us how many versatile and dynamic is his perform, without forget his cuts, drops and unique flow that is a real authentic style, with huge influence of Hip-Hop, Funky, Dancehall, Rub a Dub, Miami Bass, Rock, Indie, Video Game and some vintage sounds.

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Latest Releases

Foo - Chilling (feat. Cy)Foo, Cy – Chilling  – Release Date : 27/02/12
From Brazil to your speakers, OOFCY is an Electronic Music Duo formed by two childhood friends, lovers of music. OOFCY is a Great mix of genres and BPM’s resulting in a new sound and different from what exists today in Brazil. Mixing Electro and Dubstep with Rock, Reggae and Rap, without leaving aside the swing of the Brazilian rhythm.
OOFCY was recently invited to produce a track of Dubstep for the new album of the DMN, with the distinguished participation of Dudu Nobre, being the first to introduce this genre in Brazilian popular culture. In the beginning of Adolescence , eventually moving away, at which time their musical tastes began to form, making it quite distinct from each other, one grew up under the influence of Rock, enjoyed a great variety of styles and sub genres , and soon learned to play the guitar.
The other grew up under the influence of ‘Black’ Music and Electronic music, and became a Drum N Bass DJ, united by chance years later, organized some events mixing various styles of Electronic music. After much discussion they decided they decided to combine all their influences and experience acquired over the years , leading to this MASSIVE release. Enjoy !

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