DJ Domenian

Genres (Dubstep / Trance Step)

Born in Hayward, CA and raised in the state of Alabama, I was brought up around many varieties and genre’s of music.

It was at the age of twelve when I had seen my first ever DJ, it was at good news church in Alabaster, Alabama believe itor not. The sound of the music was so intoxicating and the skills that the DJ was showing was as well mind blowing.

It wasat that single moment, I had made the decision on what I had wanted to be when I grew up. The following 95 degree day, I spoke of this tomy mother about my huge but yet very exciting decision. Right off the bat she agreed and took me to purchase my first set ofturntables.

To make this long story short because it is very late, 1:32am on 2/3/2012 and I have a show to do tonight at 9 pm, I wentthru years of upgrading DJ equipment, my passions grew even more stronger for the music, and little did I know that I would end up aProducer, Sound Designer ( A huge thank you goes to my mother for staying behind me and providing me with all of the tools for making this dream a reality, to my best friend and brotha from anotha motha “Kieran Swarbrick” for staying behind me the whole way,helping me push and acheive the goals that I have strived to acheive. Thank You m8!) DJ and Graphic Designer. At the age of 28, and now I can see it crystal clear :) 


Latest Releases

DJ Domenian - HoroscopeDj Domenian – Horoscope

Introducing DJ Domenian, a producer that is looking to set the world on fire in 2012. Raw power, intricate, created to captivate the mood of what modern day Dubstep is all about. This one will grab your frontal lobe, and intertwine it with your cerebral cortex, stimulating your very essence of being.

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