Camden Amen


Started for me at the age of 10 courtesy of my big bro who took me on trip to Blackmarket Records. Followiing that every weekend he’d bring me back the 8 packs and the flyers. So yep been into the vibe for a long time and just trying my best to create what i like to hear. I really have a deep love of the music and a passion for making and mixing it. My main love is old school, hardcore, jungle and DnB. Enjoying it while i can i hope you enjoy too.

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Camden Amen - Drinks Keep Coming EPCamden – Amen – Drinks Keep Coming EP – Release Date : 1st April 2013

Welcome to the dark side of Camden Amen and the final installment of a quick fire round of recent EP’s by this hugely talented Drum N Bass magician. We have saved the best for last with this one, dark sinister soundscapes combine with Dark Bass lines and eerie effects, this really is a no holes barred assault on your ears. If you like Drum N Bass the way it was meant to be you will love this EP.




Camden Amen - DropsCamden Amen – Drops – Release Date: 18th March 2013

Camden Amen returns once again with an EP for the real Drum N Bass rollers among you. Floor to floor non stop heavy Drum N Bass, pure as the driven snow. Catchy Bass hooks, Sub Heavy and earth shattering, this really is Drum N Bass for the pure heavy hitters.


Camden Amen - Revival EPRELEASES

Camden Amen – Revival EP – Release Date: 14th March 2013

Camden Amen is back once again to mess with your Drum N Bass loving brains. This EP takes a more minimal approach and combines Jungle style vox effects , synth stabbs and fuses them with classic Drum N Bass Bass licks. A cleverly produced and well executed selection of absolute Jump up mayhem ensues.


Camden Amen - Frequency EPRELEASES

Camden Amen – Frequency EP– Release Date: 4TH March 2013

When it comes to Drum N Bass and Jungle, there’s not a lot that Camden Amen can’t do. A prolific producer, Camden is currently right at the top of her game, this the first of a barrage of quick fire EP’s coming out from this hugely talented producer in 2013. This first EP takes on some of the more liquid jungle Drum N Bass fusion, catchy and floaty, yet raw and sultry , a real club vibe is created with this set of amazing tracks. Mark Camden as a favorite and come back for more.


Camden Amen - Stomp N RollRELEASES

Camden Amen – Stomp N Roll – Release Date: 1/10/2012

This is a proper jump up in your face amen heavy junglist nutter EP.
If you are an old school raver and you like it the way it should be, then THIS is the release you have been waiting for.
A cut above, and one to go nuts to, you have been warned !


Camden Amen - Retro JunglistCamden Amen – Retro Junglist – Release Date: 14/06/12

This is pure Junglist Heaven.

5 tracks of the highest calibre, produced, engineered and delivered to perfection.
This release, captivates what Sub Generation is all about, huge Sub Bass riffs a plenty, punchy drum loops, and intelligent design and structure, it\’s right up there with the best of the best.


Camden Amen - SubwayCamden Amen – Subway – Release Date: 23rd July 2012

Introducing the hugely talented Camden Amen.
If you are after hard hitting, fully energized raw Drum N Bass, then you have found it.
Tune after tune, of deep sinister bass licks, sweeping synth patterns, engineered and produced to the highest level, this will tear up dance floors.
Raw, and punchy this really is one if the highest quality releases coming of of Sub Generation.