About the Artist

Ac3 is the artistic project of João, born on July 30th, 1988 in Macau, portuguese asian colony. On the age of 3 he came to continental Portugal where he lived since then. As he grown up, also is passion for music grew up, and at the age of 11 João started playing drums, trying to develop some musical technics, but one year after he discovered electronic music. Since then he never left electronic music and he started arranging his own tunes. Making electronic music at such young age as allowed João to develop his tastes, making him one of the youngest electronic music producers at that time. Nowadays João brings fresh unique musics to the electronic music scene, taking advantage of the many variates of styles that this scene has to offer.

João is versatile about the gear and software he uses, in the past he worked with FLStudio, Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, Proppelerhead Reason, Cakewalk Sonar, but nowadays his DAW of selection is apple’s Logic Studio. He also used and uses lots of hardware gear, like Access Virus TI, Roland V-Synth GT, M-Audio Project Mix, UAD2… The Ac3 studio is built up with Yamaha HS80m active monitors, Adam Audio A3X active monitors, 10″ subwoofer, Samson C-Control and M-Audio FW1814 for productions, Traktor Kontrol X1, Behringer DJX750, Sony MDR-V700 for mixings, everything in a sound treated room.

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Ac3 - Monsters EverywhereAc3  – Monsters Everywhere – Released on 13/09/12


This is put simply one of the most polished and exciting Dubstep releases coming out from this label EVER.

Absolute filth is what we are delivering unto you with this one.
In a class all of its own, intricate, complex, and down right dirty, you will never forgive you if you don’t grab a copy of this, turn it up, and be prepared to listen to something you have never heard before !!