Artist Genre : Drum & Bass

DnB? IDM? Dubstep? Minimal? Please make up your own mind. It’s Electronica and I’ve been doing it a while.

Influences run deep: Japan, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Orbital, Photek, Satie, Yukihiro Takahashi, Robert Fripp, Aphex Twin, Oakenfold, The Prodigy, Ennio Morricone, Autechre, FSOL, Philip Glass. Black Sabbath. Sylvian. The list goes on.

Big thanks for all your comments and support and for listening. That’s what makes it all  worthwhile. Thank you. “8bitrage”

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8bitrage - SubstanceRELEASES

8bitrage – Substance – Release Date: 04th June 2012

8Bitrage’s debut release through Sub Generation, is truly inspired.
From the outset to the very last note, this has the stamp of pure quality written all over it.
A captivating, perfectly executed track that engages with the spirit.
Atmospheric, yet raw enough to be considered an absolute roller.
A world class track, from a producer that really knows his stuff.


8bitrage - Liberty8Bitrage – Liberty
Liberty crowns EML’s finest moment in Drum & Bass. This is an almighty single, by a producer who is regularly featuring on soundcloud’s ”what’s Hot” list. A producer with a wealth of experience, his music has been used by Universal, Warner, and many others, all the top Drum & Bass DJ’s regularly support 8bitrage’s tracks, this one will be no exception.

Pure bliss is the order of the day, the main synth lead alone is enough to get the heart pumping, with string elements thrown in that literally swipe you off your feet and transport you to a heavenly state of outer body and outer conscious dream. The force is also string with that all important bass, sweeping it’s way into the track and complementing all the other intelligently designed elements. From start to finish this is an epic single, one which EML is very proud and honored to put it’s name to, we bring you..8bitrage, don’t forget the name.


8BitRage also has tracks available on the following releases

8bitrage, Timeloop, AntonSzander, Psonic Bionic, Psylense, Jam Master Jim - Dark Matter EPDark and engaging Dubstep for the real Connoisseur. Featuring 6 tracks created solely for this release, if your planning to DJ over the festive season and you are looking for the perfectly mastered, perfectly produced and executed set of raw,passionate, brilliantly produced tracks to spin, then this is the release for you. 6 extremely powerful tracks that will tear up any dance floor, play it loud, play it often and play it with pride.


Hellfire Machina, Marco Del Horno, DJ Swerve, Matta, Beardyman, Doorly, Metrik, Rudimental, Apex, Chrispy, Meta, Smooth, Spor, RacknRuin, The Black Ghosts, Carbon Airways, Twist, Torqux, Paimon, Place 2B, Losers, Extra Curricular, KLRGRM, Cosmo, Arz, Gelido, Hypnotik, 8bitrage, Quartus Saul, Splash, M.O.U (Myth of Unity), Bandish Projekt, Shaai'r, Funtcase, Dodge & Fuski, Datsik & Excision, Chasing Shadows, Skism, Skream, Plastician, Troublegum, Teddy Killerz, LeBelgeElectrod - DubStep - Cross the Line, Vol. 1DUBSTEP – CROSS THE LINE, VOL. 1

Finally it’s here, Bass Vulture unleash the first in their ‘Cross the Line’ Dubstep compilations series, taking the best of the genre from the last few years and compiling it on one exclusive album. Crossing the lines between different Dubstep genres with this unique track listing. Comprising some of the big hitters from the Scene including No. 1 UK artist Rudimental teaming up with Dodge and Fuski for a killer remix of ‘Speeding’ alongside this you have massive tracks from the likes of Spor, Metrik, RackNruin, Chrispy, Hellfire Machina sitting next to remixes from the likes of Skream, Skism, Chasing Shadows and Funkcase. All of who have been ripping up dance floors and radios across the globe whilst racking up over 14 Million hits on YouTube, and as they say, 14 million people can’t be wrong.

Sign up to the 8bitRage mailing list > > http://player.believe.fr/widgetEmail/1/36173/166603/

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