8BitRage (Drum N Bass / Dubstep)

Ac3 (Dubstep)

B Line Sherrif (Drum N Bass)

Camden Amen (Drum N Bass)

Cosmic Alliance (Dubstep / Drum N Bass / Jungle)

Crimson Death (Industrial Jungle)

Darta Jr (Dubstep)

Domenian (Dubstep)

Dreadnought (Drum N Bass / Dubstep)

Dubphobia (Drum N Bass / Jungle)

Electromagnetic Impulses (Drum N Bass / Breaks)

Exile (Dubstep)

Father, Son & Alcohol (Dubstep)

Foo (Drum N Bass)

Galvatron (Dubstep)

Insolence (Drum N Bass)

Jam Master Jim (Drum N Bass / Jungle)

Joanna Betts (Vocliast)

Landrunner (Drum N Bass / Dubstep)

Lex Luthor (Drum N Bass)

MonKy FiniKs (Dubstep)

M.z.K (Jungle)

MiXed Transition (Jungle / Drum N Bass)

M.O.U (Myth Of Unity)

Mooney  (Drum N Bass)

NFunk (Drum N Bass)

Psonic Bionic (Drum N Bass)

Psylense (Drum N Bass / Dubstep)

Rage King (Breaks)

Realmz Deep (Dubstep)

RebeKa France (Vocalist)

Side Real  (Drum N Bass)

Sinista Music (Breaks)

Sticky Bud (MC / Rapper / Producer – Hip Hop / Grime / Dubstep /Drum N Bass)

Timeloop (Dubstep)

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