Sister Label to EML Recordings; Sub Generation is all about music for the Jilted Generation of Sub Bass enthusiasts. est Feb 2012.

We are committed in bringing you the worlds finest Drum & Bass, Breaks and Dubstep, you wont find another label delivering the sort of quality music that we will to your ears, week after week, month after month, year after year.

We have some major releases lined up in 2013, and have quickly attracted some exciting fresh talent to the label and some well known names, so stick around watch us grow and enjoy the music.


B Line Sheriff - The SilenceB Line Sheriff | The Silence
Release Date : 27th May
Introducing the fierce and sinister Drum & Bass that is genius creation of B Line Sheriff. Dark rolling Bass licks, intricate rolling percussion and well thought out layering fuse together to deliver 2 top of the range beauty’s. Perfect for the dark Drum & Bass DJ Set’s.

Mooney - 3 PeaksMooney – 3Peaks – Release Date : 20th May 2013

The Man they call Mooney returns to Sub Generation Records with another installment of faced paced, raw to the core Drum And Bass goodness. This upbeat piece of dark D N B is not only engaging to the mind, body and soul, but leaves it’s mark on the listener in the form of an addiction. Suffice then to say that if you play this track once, you’ll be coming back to get a regular fix.


Darta Jr - Jump the F**** UpDarta Jr – Jump The Fu*k Up

Release Date : 13th May 2013

Raw, unadulterated filth is the dish of the day with this absolute head banger of an EP from Darta Jr. A release with global acclaim and support, this is an inspired set of original Dubstep brain melters. With subtle hints of Electro House underneath, these are a fresh collection of tracks from a producer that is buzzing with flow and energy.

MonKy FoniKs - Say, Hear and SeeSay, Hear & See – MonKy FoniKs
Release Date : 6th May 2013

Every once in a while you come across a groundbreaking under the radar music release. This is once such music release. Brain melting, ear splitting , epic awesomeness is the only words we could find that could suitably sum up this extended EP release from MonKy FoniKs. It’s best we let the music do the rest of the speaking, so test it out and hit that play button


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